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Finding a broken window or a cracked windshield is bummer. It’s stressful because it’s an added expense and is going to be another task that will take time out of your already busy week. However, it is important to not delay in getting a top-quality auto glass repair service performed because the climate in Peoria, Arizona can be the death knell for damaged auto glass. It’s warm in the summer so; the car heats up in the sun causing the auto glass to expand, thus expanding the cracks or chips and when the glass cools down and shrinks back to normal, the damage has grown. Conversely, in the winter, when the extreme cold temperatures hit, the glass contracts but the broken area cant contract because it is made up of space, so the healthy glass ends up cracking further as it shrinks. So swift Windshield Repair is detrimental. If you wait too long, there is a good chance that you could end up footing the bill for a new windshield instead of a repair that only takes our wonderful technicians around 30-minutes to fix. They are the local area experts in:

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The best part about our service is that we make it so easy for our customers. At no charge, we’ll come to you. We have a small fleet of mobile auto glass repair vehicles that are essentially auto glass garages on wheels, loaded with everything needed to fix your window or windshield up as good as new. Give our trusted team a call and ask about our mobile repair service and they’ll explain the process and give you a free quote. Call today: we’re open Monday-Sunday.

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